Saturday, September 24, 2011

Two Month Old

So now that Carter is almost 3 months old. I thought I had better post his 2 month pictures first. He is growing up so fast! I have just loved having this little boy. He is so good and such a happy baby. He is changing so fast. Looking at these pictures he doesn't look the same. We sure have been blessed to have such a handsome little guy and a beautiful little girl. Love my children! :)
The story on the little train. Dave made this little train. He made one also for Carters Birth Mom (Sarah) and one for his Birth Dad (Dennis). The engine is Carter and there are 4 cars behind it that are linked. One for Dave, one for me, one for Sarah, and one for Dennis. We are all linked together because of this strong little engine/boy. It will be something that he can have that is the same as his birth parents and its something that his dad made for all of them. I thought it was kind of cool and I think they turned out so cute. Every little boy needs a train so people have told me. So here is his first train!
I saw this tie and I had to get it! So cute! Ya it's a little big now but it will look soooo good very soon.Daddy's Little Cowboy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Better Late than Never

So it has been a while since I have posted. So I decided to get the story of how Carter came into our family on here before it is to late! :)
It was Easter Weekend and we were able to go up to Layton to go meet Dennis and Sarah at LDS Family Services. It was then when were told that we were going to be parents of a new little boy in June. We were so excited but also very nervous that it would all go as planed.
On June 26th we got a call that said Sarah was going in the hospital and hopefully she was going to be having this boy then. They sent her home and it wasn't until June 27th 2011 our little Carter was born in the Lake View Hospital in Bountiful @ 5:07 weighing 7lb 10 oz and 19 in. long. We got our stuff packed and ready to go pick this boy up. We had to wait 48 hours before we could go get him and sign papers. This was the longest 48 hours of my life next to the time we got Emmie! :)
We headed up to SLC on June 28th and stayed with Meggin and Dan. They were so kind to let us stay with them again. That night we stayed up looking at a map trying to decide on a name for this little boy. Oh the names we came up with! :) Thank goodness we decided on Carter and not Chino like Meggin wanted us to name him.
On June 29th Meggin and Dan took us shopping so we could get all the right gifts for everyone that was going to be there at the hospital. We stopped to eat at a great restaurant that we all loved and ate till we could barely walk. Oh but it was soooo good!
At 5:00 we got to the hospital and a few minutes later we had our little boy in our arms. It was the sadest but happiest time in our lives. It is an emotion that can never be described. Sad to see a birth mother and father give a child away but also so joyous that we were gaining another special spirit to be able to raise and teach and be our own. And a SON at that!!! Being able to adopt is the best thing for us. With out these birth parents selfless love we wouldn't be able to have any children, especially these 2 children whom we love dearly.
After we spent a few hours at the hospital we drove home that night. Emmie wanted to meet her new baby brother. She was so excited to be able to become a big sister and what a great big sister she is. He loves her already! (most of the time)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Preschool Graduation

My little girl is growing up so fast! She graduated from preschool and she was so cute. She said a part that she worked on so much and she had it down, but when it came to say it in front of everyone she forgot it all. Her teacher helped her and she did great. She also sang her favorite song "John Jacob Jingel Himer Schmitt" (how ever you spell it). She was so funny.
Her teacher was Ms. Becky. She is so awesome. Emmie has loved her and preschool. It has been the best thing ever for her. She was the only girl in the class, although she did have a few girls come for a month or two through out the year, but for the most part she was the only girl. I dont think she even noticed.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Most Amazing Weekend!

We had the most amazing weekend ever! We went up to Layton to go meet our new little ones birth parents. Yea thats right we are adopting a BOY! We visited with Sarah and Dennis and they are amazing people. Sarah is due June 28th so around there is when this sweet little boy gets to join our family. We had the most amazing visit with Sarah and Dennis and there is so much we have in common. It was almost scary how much we were a like. After about 3 hours of talking they announced to us that they wanted us to be the parents of this boy. We were and are soooo excited. Now we just need to think of a great name for him and get our lives ready for a baby again. It will be so different to have a baby in our house again. It has been a long time since we have had a baby. Emmie was soo sad, she wanted a baby sister not a baby brother. It is growing on her. I tell her all the things she can do with a brother and the more we talk the better she is about having a brother.
This is Sarah and me at the agency. She is so tall!Dennis and Dave at the agency.

We then went to Fredonia to visit with Dave's family. We had a great Easter weekend with the whole family. We went to the sand dunes and had a great big Easter egg hunt and then we just played. That night the horses got out and ran the whole mountain side for a couple of hours. It was quite the chore to round up all the horses at 1 in the morning. We found them all and got them back home safely. It was a great and a memorable Easter weekend. We couldn't ask for anything better!
Emmie, before the big hunt. She is so ready, can you tell?

Emmie's big haul from the Easter bunny.
All the grand-kids that were there looking for what the Easter bunny brought for them all.Emmie in her new Easter Dress! What a doll.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love this Girl

So I havent posted for a while obviouly! I thought I would make a post finally and post about my awesome good friend Whitni! I just wanted to post these pictures because they are so awesome. Whitni has stage 4 cancer and is in the middle of chemo treatments. I asked her if If could shave her hair when it started to fall out. So here are the awesome hair do's that we did on her. If you are going to have to loose your hair, you might as well do some cool hair styles along with it to see that you will never do those styles again. :) So here they are...................
The start. Last time with hair for a long time!!!

The start of the shave under neath. The style that was in back in middle school! Ugly!

The start of the mohawk! Awesome!

The Mohawk! I think she can pull that one off.

The rats tail! back in Elementary! Eat your heart out Trent Humphries! :)
Cutting the rats tail off!!!

The finished product! Thank goodness she has a goo head!

Sporting the awesome hats now. What an awesome girl. I love how upbeat she is and how strong she is. She is a great example to me. I am so proud to be her friend! Now she has the fight of her life! You can do it Whitters!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Big Black Friday

So I got to go shopping with 2 of my sisters and it was so much fun. We got some swinging deals and the best part about it is I got a new washer and dryer! Yeah! I am so excited for some clean clothes. :) I got almost all my shopping done for the year and that is a great feeling. We went and did the walmart thing at midnight and got most of the stuff we needed there, then went back to my house for a cat nap until 3:30 and off we went to sears to get the washer and dryer and Misti was a trooper and tackled Target for us. She stood in line for 2 hours to check out. I would say that is sisterly love. Thanks Mis!
After Sears Tiffani and I went to K-mart and got some good deals, then went to Harmons and got doughnuts and chocolate milk. MMM yum! Then we went and kept Misti company while she was still waiting in line. After Target it was off to Bed Bath and Beyond. I would say we hit a lot of stores. Oh the fun we had. After all the shopping we went to parents house for some great breakfast.
I decided it was time to go home and so Dave could be off to Fredonia and relieve him of taking care of Emmie and her cousin Khloee who slept over. When I got home I had a great surprise for me. The 2 girls were siting in my hair station and doing each others hair and I thought it was so cute until I got closer to them and I looked at the floor and saw all of Emmies hair gone. She got a great haircut from her cousin Khloee. They thought they were cute and my heart droped when I say the amount there. Lets just say I hope that will never happen again. I have fixed many of girls hair from wack jobs they have done on them selves but I thought I would never have to fix my own daughters hair! At least I could fix it ok. The crown of her head is still super short, like to the scalp short but that will just have to grow out because I am not buzzing that head. This was a Black Friday I will never forget. At least it is only hair and it does grow back! :)

This is the hair that was on the floor. See the mass of Hair!
My little rooster!!!! This is the awesome Mullet that was done. Oh this had to go!

The crown of her head!

The the first snip of the fix!

The final product!This face says it all!

This is what she looked like with long hair!